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Top 5 Movie Posters of the Decade

By April 13, 2020December 18th, 2020Film

Chargefield creative director John Godfrey shares his top 5 movie posters of the decade with RGD:

Wandering past the eye-catching movie posters of the ‘80s is what got me interested in graphic design at the age of 5. Since then I have started a movie poster design studio, Chargefield, but the way movie posters encapsulate an entire film in a 27×40” sheet of paper is still as captivating to me now as it has ever been. Year after year, movie posters walk the complex line between art and commerce: the art and design of the poster itself, the art of filmmaking and the commercial pressure to market the film in a profitable way. This complicated mix has been known to create some formulaic posters, banking on the success of previous similar films, but each year there’s a plethora of beautiful, creative and original posters showcasing excellent graphic design and art direction. The 2010s were no different, with a wide selection of notable posters which made this Top 5 of my favourites very difficult to assemble!

Read the full article to see his top 5!