Elevate the social media presence of your film

Your social media presence is the most forward-facing element of your film’s public image and gives you complete control of your messaging. Chargefield designs graphics that can be combined with social media strategies that attract attention.

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Social media campaign

Maximize the traction of your film’s premiere, festival run, or even a trailer launch by running a social media campaign with graphics from Chargefield and campaign management from a partner agency.

Social media graphics
Plastic Warriors social media graphic
Who Will Survive America gun / flag animation
Everyone is doing great social media animation

Social media graphics

Photos prove to have higher engagement rates than text alone – we create custom suites of imagery and design templates for your film designed to excel on social media.

Social media video

Improving upon images alone, video has some of the highest engagement rates on social media – we provide services to create custom videos utilizing editing and motion graphics.

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