What size should your movie poster be? A seemingly simple question, but one that has a few answers. Not to worry, once you understand your end usage of your poster, the rest is a breeze!

I need a theatrical poster

The most common request we see: the theatrical one sheet poster. This poster size is the one you will see in the actual theater as well as the ratio of poster graphics you commonly see on websites like IMDb. The size for these posters is 27″ x 40″ and if you’re having one designed, don’t forget about the 0.125″ of “bleed” on each side. Bleed is extra image area on the edges of movie posters that allow the poster to be trimmed to their actual size after printing without having any white edges.

I need a theatrical poster… and I’m in the UK!

The British market has their very own standard poster size, and that is the quad poster. Measuring at 30″ x 40″ these posters are just 3″ wider than North American posters, so if you’re having a poster designed and considering a release in the UK as well, it’s best to have the poster designed 30″ x 40″ having a “safe zone” of 27″ x 40″ where no important imagery or text will go beyond. Once the quad poster is designed, it can then be cropped down to the North American size with no worry.

I need an alternative movie poster, or a poster for a promotional giveaway

Alternative movie posters and the ones you find rolled up at department stores are usually the easier to frame size of 24″ x 36″. Since the end result is usually going to be a poster on someone’s wall at home, 24″ x 36″ frames are much easier to find as it is the common (non-movie) poster size, so these types of posters are usually sized in this way.

I need a movie poster for this particular VOD service

Ok, things just got complicated!

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