PBC Season 2

Sarah is just trying to “be audit she can be”. After finally quitting her job at a major public firm, Sarah [Jessica Sarah Flaum] finds herself as the Senior Accountant for SUNRYZER A.I., a fast-track to IPO tech start-up that is preparing for their annual year-end audit. While she’s trying to make a good impression, her new accounting team of Hunter [Christian A. Pierce] and Makayla [Amy Letcher] isn’t making it easy for her to focus on work. Meanwhile she doesn’t get much support from her Manager Tracy [Brittney Furlan Lee], Controller Dave [Pete Gardner], or CFO Jessica [Kate Flannery]. On top of all her normal work duties, she finds herself caught up in workplace drama thanks to top-notch auditor Lindsey [Emily Tosta] and a nosey janitor [Danny Trejo]. This workplace comedy sheds light onto the hilarious scenarios CPAs, staff accountants, and audit professionals find themselves in on a daily basis.

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