21 Days Under The Sky

A fearless crew of adventurers take a 21 day, 3,800 mile ride across the country on vintage motorcycles. Their epic journey across the United States most majestic landscapes and scenery will test patience and challenge their internal will.

  • Creative Direction
  • Movie Poster
  • Title Sequence
  • Blu-ray & VOD Packaging
  • Promo Items
Additional Media
21 Days Under The Sky bluray packaging

Blu-ray & VOD Packaging

Blu-ray packaging was designed for 21 Days Under The Sky, as well as VOD assets for Netflix and other streaming services.

21 Days Under the Sky Netflix screenshot

Title Sequence

Chargefield designed the title sequence for Mono, injecting a youthful vibe with animated hand written lettering.

Promo Items

Chargefield designed a custom limited edition 21 Days Under The Sky helmet in collaboration with Joe King to promote the film.

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