Designed for Subtext. O’Doughs is a bakery with a simple philosophy: to produce gluten-free products that didn’t taste gluten-free. Their target market was largely baby boomers, and other individuals with celiac disease or gluten allergies who were accustomed to gluten-free products being bland and dry; so the image of O’Doughs needed to be seen as a step in a new direction.

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To offset the negativity of living with a gluten sensitivity, the logo was designed with a whimsical retro cartoon flare, creating an aesthetic that is familiar and friendly to baby boomers (who make up a large segment of the celiac / gluten-free market) and younger consumers alike. The colours served a dual purpose; orange being a colour linked to appetite, while also being a colour frequently used in 50's-60's design and decor to help cement the vintage appearance of the brand. The "Like every O'Doughs products, this ___ is gluten-free" line was developed and used across all products, and on branding items such as business cards and t-shirts to add a dash of humour.

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The packaging followed the theme of the branding, with colourful vintage-hued SKUs which allowed the O’Doughs products to stand out on shelves amongst their competition. As being gluten-free was the most important aspect of the product, the gluten-free claim was designed to be larger than even the logo on the package. The size of the claim attracts new gluten-free customers while also being recognizable to returning customers due to the unique design elements. The launch of the O’Doughs product was a great success, now featured on shelves in grocery stores all across North America, including Loblaws and Whole Foods.

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Web Design

Prominently featuring food and packaging photography, the O'Doughs website employs colours and patterns found in the packaging to complete a consistent brand presence across all mediums.

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