Master Key

Master Key is a company unique in that it both executes VFX for popular television shows such as Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Justified, Suits and Covert Affairs, as well as shoots scenes for them in international locations. Chargefield was brought on to rebrand the studio and design a website that quickly routes clients to either the visual effects or production sides of the business.

Branding Header Image

Keeping the idea of the keyhole from the original logo, but executing it in a sleeker, simpler fashion with a new typeface to keep it timeless. A monogram was also created for secondary usage such as on the lower thirds of videos.

Branding Description Image
Web Design Header Image
Web Design

The new Master Key website had to quickly get users to reels and info for both sides of the business easily, so the home page served as a jumping board into pages with more specific information.

Web Design Description Image

Chargefield refreshed our brand image to be modern, refined and timeless, all while keeping the essence of the brand we had already established.

Elan Dassani

President, Master Key