Mash Paddle Brewing Co.

Mash Paddle Brewing Co. is a brand new craft beer brewery, located just 30 minutes west of Hamilton in Brantford, Ontario. Started in a small kitchen and driven by a passion for fresh local beer using only the best local ingredients and no additives, Mash Paddle is now a full fledged brewery producing some of the best craft beer in Ontario. Chargefield helped facilitate Mash Paddle’s launch by designing packaging for the brewery as well as the website and items such as posters, table tents, tap handles and coasters to help promote Mash Paddle’s presence in local pubs.

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The packaging of all Mash Paddle beers were designed to reflect the brewery’s focus on quality and time-tested craft brewing methods. As such, we sourced Victorian illustrations to act as a backdrop to elegant typography-based labels. The design of the seasonal bottle was custom illustrated and featured blank areas for the name and alc./vol. to be written in as new seasonal brews are released. The style established with the bottles was then carried over to coasters, table tents, tap handles and advertising for which Chargefield also wrote the copy.

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The Mash Paddle logo was already designed upon the inception of the company, but Chargefield helped to solidify the visual branding of the brewery by selecting icons and designing monograms to represent each of the beers. These visual indicators are used consistently across mediums, from packaging and coasters to the Mash Paddle Brewing Co. website.

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Web Design

As the brewery got setup and began to finalize their products, and construction of their on-site brewpub, Chargefield designed a one-page website that put the product offering front and centre as well as contact information and a stream of updates coming straight from the Mash Paddle Facebook account while being styled to match branding.
Launch Site

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Endless top quality ideas and fast production without needing constant revisions. I can't say enough about how fantastic it is in a busy business world to have someone be able to take the time to know what you want the first time, every time!

Teddy Scholten

Owner, Mash Paddle Brewing Co.