Evan Bane

Evan Bane has a unique message of getting all the trappings flaunted in gangster rap, but through academic knowledge instead of crime. Chargefield was brought on to distill this unique message graphically in terms of branding and graphic design as well as create visual effects for Evan Bane's premiere single, Pocket Change.

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The Evan Bane logo was designed in conjunction with the album art for the first single, Pocket Change. Following the style and message of the album cover, the Evan Bane logo employs a suitably bold font similar to AMEX paired with a monogram that combines Evan Bane’s initials into a graduation cap, tying the concepts of modern day wealth and education.

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The design of the Pocket Change album art correlates academia and hip hop wealth by using the unique link of the USC trojan (Evan’s alma mater) and the American Express centurion (from the much rapped about AMEX black card). Using USC colours in a layout similar to that of an AMEX black card, and using an African American warrior where the USC trojan or AMEX centurion would be used, the cover visually represented Evan Bane’s message.

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Web Design

In order to quickly link visitors to Evan Bane's roster of social network accounts and most pertinent information, a landing page was developed that served as a launching pad to social, while also collecting email addresses for newsletter signups and offering an EPK for business enquiries. Other images were created specifically for web, rounding out a graphic library for use on social media and blog posts.

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Visual effects for the Pocket Change music video included replacing the Jumbotron screen with lyrics as Evan Bane raps, with text animations designed in a similar style to ones seen during major league sporting events. At the end of the video, a day to night transition was also created, seeing the empty daytime stadium turn into one filled with an audience and camera flashes.

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Chargefield was able to distill striking imagery out of conversations about the album's themes. They presented concepts that tied everything together graphically to deliver the Scholar Ambition message.

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