Coldharbour Recordings

Coldharbour Recordings is a Miami-based electronic dance music label founded and owned by trance DJ and producer Markus Schulz in 2005. The label was formerly a sublabel of Armada Music until Schulz took the label independent in 2013. To mark the occassion, Chargefield was brought in to refresh the logo. After the successful rebrand, Chargefield has since created visual branding for artists on the label, sub brands of the label, as well as print design and motion graphics.

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The label is named after Coldharbour Lane, a road in South London where Schulz's first studio was located, so we wanted to keep the essence of the original logo Coldharbour which hinted at London street signage. The logo was re-conceptualized using new fonts, new distress marks that kept legibility intact, and in essence kept the spirit of the meaning of the logo alive while creating something new that was more legible on more mediums. Logos for artists on the label were also created, with an emphasis on versatility, as the logos were used on applications as small as concert flyers and as large as the screens of Madison Square Garden.

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Flyer templates for Coldharbour artists such as Markus Schulz were developed and distributed internationally to event venues to keep a consistent look through all promotions of the artist. Single artwork was also designed for Coldharbour and Audio Cargo single releases.

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For Coldharbour Recordings' founder and artist Markus Schulz, Chargefield edited the music video for Lost In The Box (London). Motion graphics were also created for the music video for the introductory title cards.

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Chargefield's excellent values in design quality has proved to be an endearing and rewarding partnership, not just in increasing the attractiveness of the Markus Schulz brand, but also for the New World Punx and multiple members of the Coldharbour Recordings roster.

Tim Grube

Label Manager, Coldharbour Recordings