LUV Limited Edition Art Prints

We recently had the pleasure of designing ultra limited edition alternative poster designs for Lakeshore Records and their soundtrack release of the Sundance nominated film LUV, starring Common. Only 25 posters were available per design, given away on social media. 

Film Music Daily recently interviewed Chargefield creative director John Godfrey about alternative movie posters, his inspiration for the poster, and more. You can read an excerpt of the interview below, or read the whole thing here.

Luv Two Posters

There were many moments in LUV. How did you arrive at the crab motif?
I greatly admire the film posters that came out of Poland during the Communist era.  The country didn’t have access to the promotional material of Hollywood marketing departments, so artists were hired to create alternative poster art.  Many times the art produced was highly conceptual , exploring themes and feelings from the film as opposed to a more direct approach.  The resulting posters were like artwork from a gallery that just happened to have actors names and a title on it.

Polish Posters Fatal Attraction Weekend At Bernies

Polish Posters After Hours

When it came to the poster for LUV, I wanted to take a similar approach and explore themes from the film.  LUV revolves around young Woody being introduced to a world of violence through his uncle. From my first time viewing the film I recognized a lot of symbolism involving crabs.  For instance, Vincent’s need for cash to open a crab shack is what propels the duo into the violent events of the film.  There’s a scene of Vincent teaching Woody how to eat crabs — an act which seems violent in itself, tearing the creature limb from limb, which parallels what Woody has witnessed with his uncle that day.  “Crabs in the bucket” is also a term that describes an “if I can’t have it, neither can you” way of thinking, referring to the way crabs fight each other to get out of a cooking pot, pulling each other down, instead of working together to get out.  This parallels the mentality of gangs present in the film.  The crab on the poster has the back of Woody’s head on its shell, and it appears to be gathering bullet shell casings, which can be construed as Woody absorbing knowledge of the violent world around him.

Luv Poster

Check out a snippet of the beautiful score by Nuno Malo below, which the limited poster run was designed to promote: